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Risks are often seen as something negative. Within the risk domain, this is looked at differently. A good risk policy ensures that risks can become opportunities. Often opportunities in the commercial field. As long as the risks are well covered and control measures are taken.

Levels of Risk
The larger the company, the more regulations are also drawn up by regulators concerning risk. Hedging risks is done at all kinds of levels. Whether a control framework is being built or an issue dashboard, to companies that simply set limits on how far they want to go. In the four lines of risk management, different competencies are required for each line. Capri Partners analyzes together with the client which expertise is needed at that moment.

Transition to the Risk mindset
The biggest challenge often remains to underestimate the business risks. It is natural for companies to take measures for risks only if the risks have consequences. The business often sees risk management as an annoying side effect that is experienced as limiting. The transition in mindset to see risks as opportunities is a challenge that a company can carry into great maturity. Digitization has also ensured that new risks can be covered. Risk analysis is therefore a challenge that never ends. As a Risk Manager, you take on these challenges and ensure that your company’s business is protected against all pitfalls.

“Capri Partners maintains a large network within various sectors and therefore speaks to managers within the Risk domain on a daily basis. To improve the risk process of a large insurer, Capri Partners has deployed a number of its professionals to build a new control framework. This required collaboration between different teams to ensure integration across the whole chain. In addition to substantive Risk knowledge, experience with matching personal qualities is also very important. We select our professionals based on the combination of both and that’s why we guarantee the quality of our projects.”

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