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The financial industry has undergone a strong transition in recent years. Where previously finance was mentioned in the same breath as figures and statistics, it can no longer escape several new elements. Regulations have become an increasingly important part of the finance domain since the financial crisis. The regulators set out lines that listen closely to pursue sound business operations.

Fast-moving market
The rapid transition that the financial market has undergone is also the biggest challenge in the market. Where previously everything was done in Excel, modern tooling has entered the market. This makes the market faster, more efficient and more structured. The processes are also better organized. However, this also brings challenges. Senior specialists who have been in the profession for years have to change with them. It is more important than ever to have a good balance in the team. Regulations are also highly dynamic. This requires constant awareness and compliance.

Finance & Data
Data has also become a prominent term when it comes to finance. To conduct a reliable financial policy, the data must be accurate and always explainable. Ultimately, the figures, regulations and data have one thing in common: they require good coordination between different teams to provide reliable insight into the finances. Good expectation management ensures that deadlines are met. Ultimately, this should all lead to figures that provide knowledge about what is happening in the company. This enables businesses to make resposible decisions. Finance therefore always deserves a high priority in the company and specialist knowledge.

“Major banks and other financial institutions are a part of the large network of Capri Partners. During the introduction of a new IFRS variant one of our clients required up-to-date knowledge that was not available within the bank. Capri was called in to organize 5 interim professionals within a month. After advising the client to also guarantee internal knowledge, we could provide them with 3 interim professionals and 2 temporary to permament constructions. This served the short term, urgent, needs of our client but also initiated a seperate route to strengthen the internal knowledge for the long term. That is what our clients may expect from us.”

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