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In 2022, data will play an increasingly prominent role within every organization. For companies, the question is not whether they should become data-driven, but how. You need a company-wide vision that indicates how data structurally contributes to your company’s mission and why data is a strategic business asset. Many companies have now realized that data is not a by-product of systems and processes, but the most important raw material for the 21st century. The associated roles and functions are therefore relatively new in the market.

Challenges of working with Data
Collecting data and making it centrally available sounds relatively simple. Nowadays, data can be of all kinds and volumes, including non-relational ones. However, the problem often lies in things like unambiguous data definitions and data quality. Does every business unit understand the same thing? And, is the quality of the data in order? Noise is often created on the data line due to poor (customized) applications that lack input controls. This makes analyzing and reporting more difficult. Many organizations have to deal with legacy data that often does not contain the same definition and quality, as a result of which the database becomes/is polluted. Straightening and cleaning the data is often time-consuming and sometimes requires manual work.

Data management
In addition to the data-technical challenges, organizations that are increasingly data-driven have another challenge; the actual management of a team or department based on dashboards, analyzes, and reports. This requires a different DNA manager. With data taking on an increasingly prominent place,  data is not just an indicator of business efficiency, but rather a catalysator of working and managing more efficiently.  The roles are reversed as data is not just input, but a driver or a manager. This means that the challenge is not only found on the data-technical level but also on the organizational level. This requires flexibility and resilience from managers.

“Capri Partner has more than 10 years of specialist IT knowledge in-house, in which Data has played a major role in several projects. For a medium-sized organization in the financial sector, Capri Partners has sourced a business consultant with data knowledge. The customer’s initial question concerned the addition of the business consultant team, at the request of Capri, the demand has been sharpened by adding niche knowledge with which the customer can also deploy business consultants for Data-related topics. The combination of experience, the constant drive to be on top of the market, and to learn about the axis of assignments ensures that we can deliver future-proof solutions.”

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